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Where do people go that are laid off mid-career?

Due to my lack of knowing many experienced traders I wonder what happens to those who start and get laid off after 4-7 years, or even longer, for those that make it to 32/33...

WSO NYC Real Estate Happy Hour, 10/24, 6:30pm, Stout Bar

A bit last minute but slower day in the industry with the holiday Monday and based on feedback, we needed to set something up earlier rather than later as the year comes to a...

October 24, 2016 - 6:30pm
Event type: 
WSO Happy Hour

Minimalism and Wall Street

This is going to sound pretty odd to some of you, but it's one of those macro trends that have been on my radar since roughly before the crisis started in 2008. I'm talking...

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Incoming 1st year - books to read

What books do you recommend before I start? I have interned for 3 years in finance, so I am looking for books that will advance knowledge and also books you found generally...

Who else got dinged for HBS?

Almost happy that I ended up getting dinged. Two years of no work or salary was starting to sound intimidating.

Waiting for Stanford now.

Webinar: Private Equity Case: Consumer Packaged Good - Growth against an industry goliath -- 6pm ET, 10/26/16


On Wednesday Oct 26th, 6:00pm EDT Wall Street Mentor John will be hosting a webinar entitled "Private Equity Case: Consumer Packaged Good - Growth against...

October 26, 2016 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Event type: 
WSO Webinar

Breaking into long only Asset Management

Hey guys, so I was curious at to the various paths to breaking into long only Asset Management (think Wellington, T. Rowe, etc.). So I am thinking about doing investment...

18 Year RE Market Cycle

According to the 18 year market cycle things should turn ~2025? Can someone explain to me how people incorporate this market principle into market forcasting/projections? For...

WSO Investment Banking Resume Template for College Students Released to the Public!

Big Announcement: WSO Resume Template is Out in the Wild! :

Mod Note (Andy): If you're looking for our resume for experienced IB professionals or a private equity...

Dress Like A Man: The Anti-Douchesuit

I have had a lot of interns ask me where I get my clothes. This isn't surprising, since I look great all the time. I tell them, "I don't get all my clothes in one place, idiot...

Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-Camp

Financial modeling is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of investment banks and other financial firms now have formal...

Which current/former banking CEO would you most want to have coffee with?

So WallStreetOasis had a poll on that topic and I was intrigued by the results of the poll.

Coming in at first place with 25% off the vote count was: Jamie Dimon ( JPM...

What's Your Dream Vacation Destination?

I would choose Myanmar. The pagodas and temples look sweet, food sounds pretty good, and I've read it's relatively easy to go backpacking there. Also, Bagan looks incredible...

Ecuador has restricted Julian Assange's internet access

Earlier this week Ecuador 'temporarily' restricted Julian Assange's internet access after the whistle blower published a spate of damaging emails from Hillary Clinton's...

Guys, what's your opinion on dating female bankers?

The question is pretty much self-explanatory--what's your thoughts on dating a female banker: yay or nay?

Clinton Tax Plan

I thought I would write about the Clinton tax plan!

Seeing as how she is probably going to be president, we should start thinking about it.

So here are all the...

Interviewer Wants to Grab a Beer

I had a phone interview early this week and it went average to above average. One of the interviewers wants to meet with me for a beer. This is new to me, so I am not sure what...

Has cash met it's match?

I recently came across an article making a case for a cash-less society. One of their main arguments is that in today's society, cash is mainly used for illegal activity....

WSO Private Equity Resume Template for Professionals with Deal Experience is Released!

Big Announcement: WSO Private Equity Official Resume Template for Experienced Professionals with Deal Experience is Now Public! :

Click here for the free investment...

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