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Not doing too well with my GMAT. Need advice

Hello WSO,

I am preparing for my GMAT in order to apply for top a 20 MBA program. After preparing for a month and a half, my GMAT practice scores seem to be pretty...

My Journey to REPE Associate (very unconventional) AMA

Hey Guys,

Quick background on me:

Recently started as an associate on the investment team at a REPE firm that manages >$1B
Went to non-target state...

Anyone here who bought their own house/place?

I will be starting as a post-MBA Associate in BB IBD . Thinking about taking the plunge with my parents help. Any advice?

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29yr Unpaid Year in PE?

In short, I am 29 years old and trying to transition from a concentrated equity fund (think like 15 stocks, research-intensive) to a private equity role. Tough sledding thus...

What's your largest professional accomplishment?

I was curious what everyone viewed as their largest professional accomplishment?

I'm nearing 30 years of age and I have developed a wholistic understanding of what...

What Would You Build In The Hood?

I want to do a little brainstorming on the topic of redevelopment in emerging neighborhoods. I don't want the standard "cash advance, cash for gold, gun shop, liquor shop"...

I am leaving investment banking to be a cop

Hi there folks, some time without mingling around here.

So here's my story: Used to work in M&A for a bulge bracket bank, first in a LatAm country (despite the fact...

Lateral Season, let's talk

Hi fellow Monkeys, I heard that Jan to March is usually the big lateral season. What are your thoughts about it? Are you seeing changes/openings in your groups?

I'm a...

2017 Bonuses

How are bonuses looking this year? Sounds like Deutsche got hammered and Morgan Stanley was down 15%.

Superbowl 2017: Patriots vs Falcons

Opening line has the Patriots as a 3 point favorite, over/under at 57.5 (highest # in history).

CBS: The real beauty of this is the possibility of a shootout coming,...

How you can get multiple job offers before you graduate

Hi all, figured I'd share my story to those struggling to get an internship or FT offer. Hope you all find some value in my post.

These are the major keys that helped...

Job networking stories for your first job out of college

I am interested to hear how all of you obtained your first job out of college. I think a lot of people would benefit to hear your story of how you networked to get your first...

1/23/17 - Monday @Mentions

Happy Monday WSO, who's your pick in the Superbowl?

Posts of the Week:

More people are lonely than you may think by @LES . 23 SB's.
I am leaving...

Does the World Economic Forum impact anybody's life?

The WEF is going on this year at Davos and news keeps trickling about how politicians of the world and business leaders emphasise on having an inclusive economic policy. Jobs...

New Case Webinars in WSO Investment Banking Interview Prep Pack

Over the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our investment banking interview prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with specific regional...

Post Grad Activities

Hi all,

I'm in need of some recommendations on ways to beef up my resume post undergrad. I've always been pretty heavy on the extra curriculars, from Elementary to...

Get Your Resume Reviewed by Industry Pros

Recruiting season is here now...so make sure you're ready for it with a Finance Resume and/or Cover Letter Review from one of our expert resume reviewers. Need it done in a...

WSO Internships & Employment Opportunities

Join the Wall Street Oasis Team OPEN OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS*: Blogging Internship

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Today's Top Bankers on The Street. Who are they?

I've recently been reading a bunch of books: M&A Titans, Barbarians at the Gate , Den of Thieves, Predators Ball, Big Deal: 2000 and Beyond, Rainmaker....among others....

BlackRock's Robot Stock-Pickers Post Record Losses

Read an interesting article regarding BlackRock robot stock-pickers posting record losses. As we all know, more and more Asset Management companies are turning to artificial...

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